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Dear Chronicle reader,

Your job search agent, Music, found 24 new listings. The first 20 sorted by location are listed below. (See <http://chronicle.com/cgi2-bin/texis/jobs/search?id=185706983>all matching jobs) 

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<http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000483043-01&pg=e>Guest Director/Artist
Southern Arkansas University (Arkansas)
(date posted: 11/13/2006)

<http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000484106-01&pg=e>Assistant Professor of Choral Music Education
California State University at Fullerton (California)
(date posted: 11/15/2006)

<http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000482627-01&pg=e>Assistant Professor, Jazz and Saxophone Studies
Colorado State University (Colorado)
(date posted: 11/13/2006)

<http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000484028-01&pg=e>Assistant Professor in Cello
University of Florida (Florida)
(date posted: 11/14/2006)

<http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000482903-01&pg=e>College of Visual & Performing Arts
University of South Florida (Florida)
(date posted: 11/13/2006)

<http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000482497-01&pg=e>Assistant Professor, Department of Music
Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
(date posted: 11/13/2006)

<http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000482129-01&pg=e>Music User Services Coordinator and Assistant or Associate Professor of Library Administration
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Illinois)
(date posted: 11/13/2006)

<http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000482789-01&pg=e>Assist. Prof. of Music
Simpson College (Iowa) (Iowa)
(date posted: 11/13/2006)

<http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000482728-01&pg=e>Music Education Faculty
University of Massachusetts at Amherst (Massachusetts)
(date posted: 11/13/2006)

<http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000482062-01&pg=e>Assistant Professor of Voice
Michigan State University (Michigan)
(date posted: 11/13/2006)

<http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000481941-01&pg=e>Assistant Professor of Jazz Studies
Wayne State University (Michigan)
(date posted: 11/13/2006)

<http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000482122-01&pg=e>Assistant Professor - Musicology
University of Minnesota (Minnesota)
(date posted: 11/13/2006)

<http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000484285-01&pg=e>Assistant Professor - French Horn
University of Southern Mississippi (Mississippi)
(date posted: 11/15/2006)

<http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000482563-01&pg=e>Assistant Professor of Music Education
Doane College (Nebraska)
(date posted: 11/13/2006)

<http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000484299-01&pg=e>Faculty Fellows
Appalachian State University (North Carolina)
(date posted: 11/15/2006)

<http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000481920-01&pg=e>Assistant Professor of Music
Meredith College (North Carolina)
(date posted: 11/13/2006)

<http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000483333-01&pg=e>Lectureship in Low Brass
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (North Carolina)
(date posted: 11/10/2006)

<http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000481804-01&pg=e>TIMARA - Technology in Music and Related Arts
Oberlin College (Ohio)
(date posted: 11/13/2006)

<http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000482599-01&pg=e>Lecturer in Music, School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Penn State Erie (Pennsylvania)
(date posted: 11/13/2006)

<http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000482310-01&pg=e>English and Music Faculty
Dallas County Community College District (Texas)
(date posted: 11/13/2006) 

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